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Vos vacances à Port Leucate : Location d\'un appartement T2 en direct propriétaire

What to do in the area

The city of Port Leucate Website

allée piétonnière

You can have short or long walks while taking advantage of beautiful sunny or shaded paths leading to the beach.

You can relax while playing petanque by the beach or visiting the surrounding area.

Here is another link to discover Port leucate and its neighborhood in photos visit this website

The mondial du vent 2008 (Website)

affiche du mondial du vent 2008

The 2008 Mondial du Vent, held in Leucate from April 12th to 20th,will bring together the best Kite and Windsurfers in the world (60 professional competitors, 190 amateurs) and 160 000 visitors are expected. During 9 days of kite and windsurf competition on a worldwide well-known spot, animations and performances will be presented to the public, such as BMX, bouncy castles, marine library, "Elastotrampoline", etc.

Sigean Safari Park (Website)

logo de la réserve de Sigean

logo de la réserve de Sigean

More than 3 800 animals live on almost 300 ha. of scrubland, woods and lagoons. The visit is partly undertaken by coach where you will see lions, tibetan bears, giraffes, rhinoceros.. and partly on foot where you will encounter elephants, dromedaries, chimpanzees, alligators...

Nearby leisure parks : Parc aventure (Website) and Aqualand (Website)

Venture from one tree to another via a serie of suspended bridges, nets, walkways, barrels, ropes, etc. in Parc Aventure or have fun in the water of the nearby Aqualand park.

European Prehistory Centre in Tautavel (Website)

l'homme de Tautavel face à des loups

Discover the Tautavel Museum, the new museographic space “the first inhabitants of Europe”, the cave “Caune de l’Arago”… enter in a fascinating universe!

The skull of the Tautavel Man, which was discovered in 1971, has a flat and receding forehead and a well-developed arch of the eyebrows. The face is big with rectangular eye sockets. The volume of the cranial cavity is 1150 cm³. The head was that of a young adult. The skeleton was reconstructed with 75 human remains that were found, as well as casts to fill in the missing pieces. His age was estimated at 450,000 years. (wikipedia)

Sol y Fiesta (2007 website)

photo du spectacle de Sol y fiesta

photo du spectacle de Sol y fiesta

The whole village is overtaken with a three day French/Catalan street carnival spectacular. Dancing, costumes, fireworks… a fantastic weekend for all ages.

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